• Diann Seigle, Executive Director and Jessica Scott, MD, JD

    Working hard on the design and implementation

    of our innovative approach.


    Diann Seigle, Executive Director and Jessica Scott, MD, JD
  • The IACT Program: A Medical Disclosure and Transparency Program

    Working hard on the design and implementation

    of our innovative approach.

    The IACT Program: A Medical Disclosure and Transparency Program
IACT - Integrated Accountability & Collaborative Transparency Program


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As an FNP and advanced practice nurse psychotherapist, I am keenly aware of the absence of communication between providers and patients after bad outcomes when both are left with intense feelings about the event. This indicates the profound discomfort these providers have and the need for the support of skilled professionals and a safe process. Patients feel litigation is their only option for answers and closure. We need to give them the IACT Program,, yesterday.––Joann Sumner, MSN, RN, CS, FNP-BC - Nurse Practitioner & Psychotherapist, Raleigh, NC

The NCMS supports efforts to explore alternative methods of resolving disputes between physicians and patients regarding the quality of medical services provided and any harm that may have been caused by substandard medical care. The proposed methods contained in the Integrated Collaborative Law Program for Healthcare are among the ideas we feel should be explored more fully so we can measure their impact and better understand their effectiveness. ––Maggie Sauer, Associate Executive Director - NC Medical Society Foundation

The IACT Program represents a unique opportunity to permanently change our current dysfunctional paradigm for health care dispute resolution. Through IACT, lawyers, doctors, patients, and health care organizations will be free to focus on patient care rather than the court room. ––Rob Maitland, JD - Immediate Past President, Orange County Bar Association, Raleigh, NC

I was a "take no prisoners" litigator for 25 years until I realized that the "shame and blame" game I was playing was not helping my clients to heal and was promoting neither justice nor peace. Now I am guided by the words of the 13th century Sufi mystic named Rumi: "Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I'll meet you there." Only in that field beyond who is right and who is wrong will our clients find justice, peace, and ultimately, transformation. ––Aida Doss Havel, Recovering Litigator - Raleigh, NC

As past President of the North Carolina Medical Society and North Carolina Medical Board, and currently liaison to the American Medical Association, I strongly support the new approach to communication and conflict resolution that the IACT Program represents. I urge health care organizations to establish this program, measure outcomes and adjust as necessary so that we are able see the tremendous breakthroughs IACT has to offer. ––Elizabeth Kanof, MD - Retired Dermatologist, Raleigh, NC

Thank you for what you are doing! The IACT Program will give a human dimension to patient complaints, conflict resolution and relationships between physicians, hospital, patients and families as opposed to the current litigation process. ––Robert Lacin, MD - Neurosurgeon, Raleigh, NC

As a long time medical – legal consultant for plaintiffs and defendants, I am constantly reminded of how broken our tort system is; how communication falls hostage to stone walling parties, and how healing and true justice are secondary to how to impress a judge or jury. Finally a break through initiative is upon us, where collaborative discussions can lead to understanding, empathy, compassion, apology, healing, and hope. ––Douglas Holmes, MD - ENT Surgeon, Raleigh, NC

As an attorney and judge, I have been involved in many cases arising out of the medical care of patients. I have concluded our system for resolving many of these cases fails the patient and health care provider. As an alternative to litigation, this program addresses the needs of the parties, as well as offering an efficient method of resolution. I am excited to be a part of this collaborative effort. ––Judge Ralph Walker - Retired Superior Court and Court of Appeals Judge, Raleigh, NC

I see tremendous potential with the IACT Program because when medical errors and bad outcome occur, there is so little communication between doctors and patients, and great fear of litigation. The IACT model will enhance many aspects of health care such as greater physician and patient satisfaction, improved quality of care with reduced costs, and it will be a significant step forward in decreasing the need to do unnecessary testing due to fear of litigation. ––Bill Lee, MD - Family Physician, Raleigh, NC

The collaborative process is an ideal alternative to litigation for the guided release of information and the resolution of the trauma created by unexpected outcomes in patient care. As in the separation and divorce context in which my clients typically use the collaborative process, the medical malpractice context cries out for a more humane and caring way of resolving conflict than the adversarial process of the court system. IACT's proposal to take the nearly two decades of experience with the collaborative process in family matters and combine it with the recent experience of early and full disclosure in patient injury cases is pure genius. ––Mark Springfield, JD - Collaborative Law Attorney, Raleigh, NC

Doctors need a better way to resolve dispute without becoming adversaries with the patients we care about and the IACT model looks like a powerful alternative to our current system. I am ready to see this approach put in place and incorporated into the overall movement we are seeing in health care toward better quality and reduced costs. ––Sherine Ibrahim, MD - Pediatrician, Raleigh, NC


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